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Dinas Country Club - Torch Theatre

GRAV 2018 – A Torch Theatre Production

The Torch Theatre Company presents…GRAV 2018.

Gareth J Bale is ‘Grav’ in the astounding one-man performance exploring and showcasing the incredible life of the legendary Ray Gravell. Written by Owen Thomas and with the blessing of Mari, Ray’s Widow, this is a performance that displays the life and spirit that is the iconic cultural hero of Ray Gravell.

With his passing back in late 2007, Ray Gravell was known internationally for his exuberant strength and grit on the rugby field. However he became ever the more well-known for his love, personality and charisma off the field as an actor and presenter as well as a husband and father.

Join us at the Torch Theatre Company to hear the tail of the unmissable life of ‘Grav‘. Directed by the Torch Theatre’s Artistic Director Peter Doran.

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